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28 Aug

Mughals: The Sexual Predator Dynasty – Shah Jahan Raped His Daughter Jahanara Because She Resembled Mumtaz

Loot, murder, violence, the murder of real dads and brothers, and intimate relationships with birth mothers, sisters, and daughters abound in Mughal history. If it is claimed that no clan in human history has ever known the truth about their true father, just one name comes to mind: the Mughal dynasty.

The Mughal Dynasty is quite faithful to Humayun, who was addicted to opium, Shah Jahan, who was having sexual relations with his natural daughter, or Akbar, who had sexual relations with his sister.

The indulgences of Akbar

Akbar lost track of how many Muslim women's lives he ruined with his passion.

Chand Bibi, a Muslim woman, is also mentioned.

For his entire life, Akbar "did not marry" his biological daughter Aram Begum, and she died unmarried under the reign of Jahangir.

The most widely circulated legend claims that Akbar graciously abolished the practice of sati pratha; his prime motive was to sleep with Hindu women after killing their husbands.

Similarly, Akbar abducted the widowed wife of the prince of Panna and took her to his harem.

Akbar often goes to Meena Bazaar, held on the first evening of the new year, dressed as a woman.

Akbar directed his courtiers to bring women to him with care. 


The women of Akbar's harem were trapped in the palace like animals when the royal guards left the city.

Akbar also made Ayashi out of Islam. 

According to Sunni law, because a Muslim cannot have more than four women at a time, and when Akbar began to maintain more women than he, Qazi tried to stop him. Angered by this, Akbar changed the Sunni Qazi with a Shia Qazi because the Shia fringe allows for unlimited and temporary marriages, referred to as "mutah" in Arabic.

Abul Fazl as- has characterized Akbar's harem.

"There were 5,000 women in Akbar's harem, and these 5,000 ladies were not the same as his 37 spouses."

Near the Emperor's Palace, a tavern was established.

There were so many prostitutes there that it was impossible to keep track of them all.

If a courtier wished to bring a new female home, she needed Akbar's consent.

People used to fight over who got to carry the most beautiful girls.

Akbar once summoned a few prostitutes and asked who was the first to enjoy their services.

Akbar once summoned a few prostitutes and questioned, "Who was the first to pleasure them?"

Akbar's mentor and father were Bairam Khan.

Akbar murdered him and married his wife, who resembled his mother.

Non-Muslims living in any Muslim state were required to pay a Jiziya to prevent their property and women from being seized, according to Islamic Shari'a.

According to particular Akbar enthusiasts, Akbar abolished Jizya. However, it isn't even mentioned in the historical record! Only this was Jaziya Ranthambore's condition for forgiveness. 

The Ranthambore Treaty was made to free the Bundi chieftain from the "custom" of giving women to the royal harem. This shows that Akbar had a pattern of demanding the most attractive woman in the household of the Hindu chieftains who had lost the war, and Bundi was the only one who had escaped this terrible treatment. During this time, tens of thousands of Hindu women were burned in the Jauhar fire. 

The indulgences of Shah Jahan

"Shah Jahan used to have sex regularly with his eldest daughter Jahan Ara," stated Francois Bernier. Shah Jahan used to justify himself by saying that it was a planter's privilege to taste the fruit of the tree he had planted.")

Jahanara is claimed to have once been in love with someone. He also refused to let any of Jaara's lovers approach him. Fearing that he had taken refuge in the harem oven, Shah Jahan set fire to the tandoor and burned him to death.

Akbar had made it a law that the Mughal dynasty's daughters would not marry.

Historians provide a variety of explanations.

As a result, Mughal era girls slept unlawfully with courtiers, enslaved people, relatives, and even relatives to alleviate their physical hunger. 

Shah Jahan raped Mumtaz's brother Shaista Khan's wife multiple times with the help of Jahanara.

Jahanara sent Shah Jahan's royal astrologer's 13-year-old Brahmin girl to his palace, where she was drugged and handed to the father, causing Shah Jahan to marry the 13-year-old Brahmin girl in his 58th year.

After Shah Jahan's captivity, the same Brahmin girl used her own hands to smear acid to her face to avoid Aurangzeb. 

Many historians have accused Shah Jahan of having sex with his biological daughter Jahanara because of his infamous sexuality.

According to historian Francis Vernier, Jahanara, Shah Jahan, and Mumtaz Mahal's oldest daughter looked exactly like her mother.

That is why, following Mumtaz's death, Shah Jahan began raping his daughter Jahanara.