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28 Aug

Digital Marketing during a Pandemic

COVID 19 pandemic has brought the world to its knees. While the world economy was grappling with the lockdown, the Indian economy has come to a grinding halt. The economic transactions of the brick and mortar entities were badly hit. This made the entire economy shift its gaze towards digitization and open up to the world of e-commerce. If there was any sector that flourished through the pandemic, it is the e-commerce industry. This in turn made the digital marketing industry more relevant than ever before.

These unprecedented times, where COVID protocols like social distancing have become the new normal, have had the entire business of the country rethink its management. Fortunately, technology and the internet have come to the rescue, given the wide presence of it across the nation. Many companies which have already invested in their e-commerce wing have survived the situation more effectively. Nonetheless, other companies have quickly realized the importance of online marketing and made steady progress in Digital Marketing investments.

What is Digital/Online Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a promotional strategy for companies trying to reach out to potential consumers on the internet. Companies invest and push their products through different forms of online communication like e-mail, multi-media marketing, web-based marketing, and also social media marketing. Digital Marketing makes use of various social platforms on the internet which have massive traction by promoting products in form of pop-ups, ads, etc.

This is a great tool to introduce your product to a larger audience and can be converted into potential consumers. Since the pandemic has had us locked indoors, online sales and business have seen quantum growth. In such a scenario digital marketing has become extremely crucial and led the companies towards unhindered progress.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is more important now than ever before

1.       With the complete absence of physical stores and business establishments throughout the lockdown, many businesses have started their e-commerce versions. Digital Marketing helps them enhance their customer base.

2.       The e-commerce industry is witnessing an exponential increase in its footfall in terms of start-ups. A sound marketing strategy can help withstand such cutthroat competition.

3.       With the government's emphasis on "Atmanibhartha", many start-up and small businesses have opened their e-commerce websites. Digital Marketing can help them reach their target consumer base effectively.

4.       Digital platforms have huge untapped potential in terms of consumers. Considering the amount of time we spend on social media and other websites, there are more chances of business and economic transactions compared to the physical establishments of the same.

5.       Since social gatherings are discouraged now, there is an increased presence of groups of people on online platforms. This is a great potential that can be exploited by the companies. Digital Marketing helps them to reach out to these huge online gatherings.

Final Thoughts

Though the pandemic has closed doors of opportunities for many, it has opened avenues of possibilities via e-commerce. If not for the technological advances in the 21at century, the pandemic could have caused many serious ramifications to the general public. Hence to be able to cope with this situation of crisis digital marketing of businesses is the need of the hour. The reach and results of this tool know no boundaries.