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28 Aug

Here is a look at the country's first-ever Republic Day back in 1950, in photographs.

January 26 is one of the most significant days in our nation's history. Every year, Republic Day is observed on this day. India was proclaimed a republic in 1950 when the constitution was put into effect.

This day is marked with a parade in New Delhi every year. It is still a popular event that people watch with great interest 72 years later, either on TV or in person.

A distinguished guest, a prominent political figure worldwide, attends the parade. Unfortunately, COVID-19 means that this year's Republic Day will not have a chief guest. Boris Johnson, the UK prime minister, was initially scheduled to attend, but he cancelled his trip due to the rapid spread of coronavirus in India.

This day is a great way to recall the 50th anniversary of the Republic Day Parade and Celebrations.

Although the Indian constitution was approved on November 26, 1949, it became effective on January 26, 1950. January 26 was chosen because it marked 20 years since the decision that India's sole goal would be to achieve 'Purna Swraj', or total independence.

India was able to attend the celebrations of the inaugural Republic Day. Parade took place at Irwin Amphitheatre, now known as Major Dhyan Chand Stadium.

There were many performances and an army marching band. Many prominent figures from the country attended the event. Sukarno, the president of Indonesia, was the chief guest. He also brought his wife.

Overlooking the Purana Qila, the parade started from Irwin Amphitheatre and continued till the Red Fort.

On the way to Irwin Stadium, Delhi, President Dr Rajendra Prasad greeted the citizens.

With a 31-gun salute at the Irwin Stadium in Delhi, India was declared a Republic, and Dr Rajendra Prasad as the President on January 26, 1950, at 10:30 am.

India's first president Dr Rajendra Prasad took the salute.

At the first Republic Day parade, the chief guest was Indonesian President Dr Sukarno and his wife.

In the picture, the first republic day parade at Irwin Amphitheatre, the walls of Purana Qila are visible.

As the parade marched from Irwin Amphitheatre to Red Fort, people waited to catch a glimpse.