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28 Aug

The great resignation in India 86% of employees may resign in the next 6 months.

Would you like to work for yourself instead of your current employer? Start a business, engage in hobbies, go on vacation, or explore your inner self? If so, don't be surprised; you're not the only one. 

According to the recruitment firm Michael Page, over 86% of Indian employees want to resign in the upcoming six months. This is a follow-up to The Great Resignation. Indians now prioritise their families and general health. To find out what the report says, continue reading.

According to Page's research, 61% of Indian workers are willing to forgo income increases or promotions to balance their personal and professional lives.

All organisations, thriving startups or major corporations, are now most worried about the Great Resignation. India is not an exception, as the new report shows that 86% of workers there will leave their jobs in the upcoming six months. The Technology & Telecom industry would be among the top ones that will record the most excellent attrition rate in the coming months, despite practically every major initiative being affected.


According to Michael Page, a recruitment firm, the Great Resignation, which was prompted by the Covid pandemic in India, is predicted to continue in 2022. Unbelievably, 85% of workers in the technology and telecom sector intend to resign in the next six months.

In its research titled The Great X, Michael Page claimed that the phenomenon, which was initiated by the global pandemic and had already been occurring for the past two years, will only become more pronounced in 2023.

The tendency is expected to persist across industries, markets, levels of seniority, and age groups, according to the report.

The research said, "We must be prepared for it to increase. The clear majority says a huge talent migration event is upon us in the next few months."

Even more astonishing is that the people who would lead India's significant resignation era are individuals who have been at their current jobs for less than two years. This group comprises 38% of individuals who will abandon the ship in the coming six months.


According to the survey, the five primary reasons for resignations are: changing careers or industries, dissatisfaction with pay; professional advancement; and dissatisfaction with the company's strategy or direction.

According to a report based on a survey of 12 nations, most workers who intend to leave their jobs are from India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

With people working from home and wishing to take work trips without affecting their efficiency at work, many countries have adopted the four-day workweek. In the UK, the largest 4-day workweek trial in the world has already begun. More than 70 enterprises and 3,300 people are taking part.