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28 Aug

Why Content Is The King?

The process of creating and curating content is easy for social media handles, especially if you already have a laid down the foundation. The challenge appears when one has to begin it from scratch and puzzled about how to start, what kind of content to post, or how frequently to update it. If you find yourself stuck in the latter state; resort to 2 social media rules. These are smart and allow you to make an informed decision.

The code of thirds As a beginner, follow this rule. Ideally, ? of the posts is meant to promote your business, another ? are posts of ideas from influencers in your industry. The last? consists of posts of personal stories to be used for your brand building. 80/20 rule The content you are creating must be with intent and needs to follow the 80/20 rule. Keep only 20% reserved for direct promotion of your brand. The rest, i.e. 80% of your posts, must be created around to educate, inform, or entertain your audience. Keeping the quality of the optimum standard content, the focus must be on its relevance and ability to engage with your target audience. Don't limit yourself to a single or monotonous pattern. Content doesn't merely mean a few written words or paragraphs. The new era of social media adds various forms and tools under its purview of content to grab the audience's attention and keep them glued.

� Brand/firm news - share exciting updates such as fresh job openings or testimonials from your new employees on your social media feeds. Personalize such content; else it will be lost on the web!

� Bespoke blogging: Try to create a dedicated blog for your business/ company. Use it to share the articles to your social media feeds where you can. Utilize employee amplification to expand your audience to reach further.

� Impress upon with images

� Content can be displayed as product images, new launch announcement images, photographs of happy customers or customers of the month, pictures from company events, and achievements. All such steps work in humanizing the brand. Use high-quality images that stick to the size specifications for each platform.

� Voicing with videos

� Yes, videos come under content. And it is the most trending and dominating element in the digital landscape right now. Use this trick to beat your competitors.